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Daiwa braid range


Daiwa offers a range of braid to suit your budget and the style of fishing you're into. Jordan Cortdz, retail specialist talks to Mandy Kupenga, creator of FishingAdvisor.co.nz about the features of each type of braid, when to use them and what you actually get when you spend a bit more money.

Tips for buying braid


When buying braid what do you look for if you're after good value for money?

Jordan Cortz with tonnes of retail experience talks to Mandy from FishingAdvisor.co.nz and gives some great tips on what to check when you're spending your hard earned money buying braid.

Braid: when to use it


Braid is essential for some styles of fishing. Find out when and why from Jordan Cortdz of Top Catch.

What is “Mag Sealed”?


Mag sealed reels offer longer lasting wear and tear, find out  more from Pat Langevard of Hunting & Fishing.

DAIWA reflects the challenge of pursuing original thinking and innovative design.

"Feel Alive" expresses the joy that fishing brings and the harmonious connection anglers feel with the nature and an active outdoor lifestyle. 

DAIWA recognises the communites' growing concern for the environment and healthy living. We encourage interaction with nature in sustainable ways so that our children can experience what we have today. So many of us have fond memories of fishing as youngsters and it is vital we provide the next generation the same opportunity.

DAIWA - Feel Alive.


Scott Malcon from Daiwa t lives and breathes fishing. He talks through snapper strayline tips and technique, while he's got a whopper of a snapper on the line...


If you have a standard spin reel that doesn't have a bait feeder or bait runner function you can still target big snapper straylining on the wharf, rocks or boat. The key is to let the fish run. 

Kaleb Cave (Outdoor Adventures with KZ) shows Mandy Kupenga from Fishing Advisor the technique he uses to catch bigger snapper on a standard spin reel. It's easy as but can make all the difference.



Here's a few basic tips for when and how you would use circle hooks, including some baiting up tips from Scott Malcon of Mustad and Mandy Kupenga from FishingAdvisor.co.nz. 


Good rod guides matter!


Choosing a rod with good quality rod guides is worth it's weight in big snapper (and kingfish). Here's some simple and great info on what happens when cheap rod guides are used and why Daiwa offer top quality Fuji rod guides in their range, starting at $129.

Double burley bomb


Here Adam shows another way to get your burley trail humming. Two burley bombs! On at the top, one down low, no that's gotta get the fish going.

First bait "nailed it"!

Adams strayline tips


Adam Clancy, host of TV fishing show Fishy Business has oodles of expertise. This video has really great how to tips for strayline fishing. Well worth a watch to help get your technique sussed. 

Reel Maintenance tips


Looking after your gear will help it last longer so you get your moneys worth. Here's some handy care tips from Daiwa.