How to catch kingfish: Easy PR knot

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The PR Knot

Kingfish are going to test your knot tying ability every single time. If you can't tie a great knot between your braid mainline and your leader then you're gonna come unstuck and it'll end in tears. That's why we use the PR knot. It retains up to 100% strength and it's a low profile knot that will slip through your rod guides with ease. 

Don’t be daunted by the seemingly masterful weaving wizardry of the PR knot, it’s actually pretty easy when you try it yourself step by step. It’s a great knot we use to connect a heavy mono leader (60lbs+) to our braid mainline.


How to tie a PR knot, easy to follow step by step lesson - Fishing

Mustad - Fishing Advisor

The “Wind on Leader”

A mono leader line has some really handy fishing benefits:

  • it’s less visible to the fish (than braid), so more hook ups, especially if the fish are shy,
  • you can easily attach and reattach your rigs, jigs and lures
  • you can wind it on to your mainline.


We call the mono leader that connects to your braid the “wind on leader”.  This leader can be used when casting top water lures, mechanical jigging, trolling and live baiting to attach:

  • jigs for mechanical jigging
  • livebait rigs
  • lures when trolling
  • lures for top water fishing.

How to catch kingfish -

For kingfish live baiting we use a wind on leader that is 4 - 6 metres in length.

Gear & Setup

Get your gear ready and have it handy. You will need:

  •      Mono scissors
  •      Braid scissors (will blunt if used on mono)
  •      Lighter
  •      PR bobbin
  •      Mono line (80 - 120 pound)
  •      Braid mainline (50 - 80 pound)

How to catch kingfish -

How to tie the PR Knot

Step 1:

Put the braid reel on your right side and mono on your left side.

Thread braid line through the eye of the PR bobbin. Grab the braid and slide the line into the rubber ring at the side of the bobbin. This will stop the line slipping. Pull line so that the end piece of braid (tag end) is nice and short.

Turning the PR bobbin to draws the braid on to the bobbin spool. Turn it approximately 10 times to allow enough line to do the PR knot.



Tie a PR knot -

PR Bobbin, rubber stopper

Step 2:

Coming from the left lay the mono line across your knees. Coming from the right put the pr bobbin with line attached on left knee. Both lines should be laying alongside each other. With your right hand wrap both the mono and braid lines around your finger and grap the mono with your left hand. The bobbin should now be hanging.

Put your right hand higher than your left and gently swing the pr bobbin so the line loosely winds around the mono and braid together. You want about 60mm of loosely spun braid.


Tie a PR knot -

Step 3:

Hold the last wind of the PR bobbin with your thumb and forefinger. Spin the pr bobbin once around the line again, this time travelling UP along the loose weave of braid.

The first wind is the hardest. Make just one turn to ensure the braid is heading back UP the loose braid line. Now continue spinning the pr bobbin around the braid, this time you want each strand right up against the next with no gaps. Do this until it’s 40-50mm long (for top water fishing 25mm). If the line is shiny the wrap is tight.

Pull the line off the PR bobbin and put that to the side.


How to tie a PR knot, easy to follow step by step lesson - Fishing

Step 4:

Lock of both lines so they're nice and tight. Run the mono line around the outside of your left knee and wrap the mono line around your left foot 3 times to hold it firm. Then do the same with the braid around your right foot. You should be able to tighten the lines by opening your legs. You want the lines nice and tight so the knot is tight.


Step 5:

Half hitch time. Tie about 6 ALTERNATE half hitches.

How to tie a half hitch:

Create a half circle loop with braid, hold the top of the loop and place the end of the braid OVER the top of the 2 lines, around the 2 lines and back up through the middle of the loop and pull UP.


How to tie a PR knot, easy to follow step by step lesson - Fishing

Alternate half hitches

To tie an alternate half hitch instead over placing the braid over the 2 lines, take the braid UNDER the 2 lines, around and over the top of the 2 lines and through the middle loop and pull DOWN.

When tying a half hitch pull the loop tightly against the last loop so the weave it tight.

By alternating the loop over then under the 2 main lines the line holds in place and doesn’t slip.

How to tie a PR knot, easy to follow step by step lesson - Fishing

Step 6:

Trim it so it’s about 8-9mm long. Get a lighter and heat the end of the mono line to make a mushroom shape. This acts as a stopper so the braid line doesn’t slip. Be very careful not to burn your braid!

Carry on doing alternate half hitches along the last of the mono line keeping them nice and tight and bunching up alongside each other. Once you get past the end of the mono continue to do another 6 alternate half hitches along the braid mainline.

How to tie a PR knot, easy to follow step by step lesson - Fishing

Step 7:

Time to finish it with, funnily enough, a finishing knot. This will prevent knot becoming loose and undone.

Start like you’re doing a half hitch placing the braid OVER the braid mainline. Now instead of wrapping the braid around the line once and pulling, you’re going to wrap the braid around main line 5 times.

Now grab the top of the loop and wrap the loop around the mainline. Go over the top of the mainline and around 5 times. Check far right, the line is ‘unwrapping’ it self. Once the line is upwrapped lay the rest of the braid along the mono on your lap to the left.

Gently pull the braid tag end to tighten the line and knot. Really tighten it up and voila. You’ve woven your own wizardry and produced a PR knot.

How to tie a PR knot, easy to follow step by step lesson - Fishing

How to tie a PR knot, easy to follow step by step lesson - Fishing

There you go, now off you go and rig up for your adventure to catch kingfish.

Mustad - Fishing Advisor


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