Kingi School 2017/18

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No more dreaming about catching kingfish!  It's time to make that dream come true my fishing friend.

Join your friendly hosts Mandy Kupenga (from TV show Get Your Fish On & creator of and Tony Orton from Offshore Adventures on the learning adventure of a lifetime. This is an awesome way to learn how to catch kingfish, and learn heaps with plenty of practise out on the water (practice makes perfect!).

We'll cover off several technique for targeting kingfish including: the gear, live baiting, where to find the fish, reading your sounder, setting up a drift, different kingfish techniques and have a whole lot of fun along the way (see more below). Mandy & Tony will coach you every step of the way.

We stay at the Offshore Adventures Fishing Lodge in beautiful Mangawhai (1.5 hours north of Auckland).

Your itinerary – what’s in store

Day 1 (evening only): "Gear & Setup" session:  a couple of hours with Tony & Mandy at the fishing lodge learning how to set up kingfish gear, types of rods & reels, how to make rigs and tie knots, sounder basics. Casual and fun with a few coldies.

Day 2 (all day) : "Hookin' up and holdin' on":  We'll load up on live bait then boost out to the legendary Mokohinau Islands and practice, practice, practice catching kingfish. 

The Package

$550 per person 


(4 people only)

What’s included:

  • Accommodation (day 1 evening) at Offshore Adventures Fishing Lodge in Mangawhai.
  • A gift pack valued at $100
  • One on one tutoring by Mandy and Tony (you'll be well looked after).
  • Hero photo of you with your catch of the day.
  • Day 1 (evening) "Gear and Setup" tutoring session - where we'll go through the rods, reels, how to make rigs & sounder basics.
  • Day 2 - full day kingfish charter with tutoring. It leaves from Mangawhai out to the Mokohinau Islands. The charter is limited to 4 people to provide plenty of space for learning and guidance.
  • Use of the latest Shimano fishing gear (or you can bring your own).
  • Free live baiting tackle to use on the charter.
  • Yummy fish to take home (bring a big chilli bin!)
  • Dreams fulfilled!

 School dates:

December 2017:

Friday night 8th and Saturday 9th - SOLD OUT

Friday night 15th and Saturday 16th - SOLD OUT

January 2018:

Sunday night 7th & Monday 8th - SOLD OUT

Monday night 8th & Tuesday 9th - SOLD OUT

Tuesday night 9th & Wednesday 10th - SOLD OUT

Monday night 15th & Tuesday 16th - SOLD OUT

Tuesday night 16th & Wednesday 17th - SOLD OUT

Wednesday night 17th & Thursday 18th - SOLD OUT


Thursday night 19th & Friday 20th - SOLD OUT

Friday night 20th & Saturday 21st - SOLD OUT

Saturday night 21st & Sunday 22nd - SOLD OUT

Enrol now, contact Mandy on 

Mustad - Fishing Advisor

Some pretty stoked graduated from last summers Kingi School.

Kingfish livebaiting techniques

We cover a variety of popular techniques to catch kingfish (depending on the conditions). These include: 

1. Trolling live bait - a really effective way to explore and hunt kingfish along shallow areas of reefs and coastline.

2. Deep dropping - dropping weighted baits down to the fish in deeper water (30 metres+).

3. Mechanical jigging - using metal jigs to raise and hook up on kingfish.

4. Top Water - if the conditions are right we may even have the opportunity to throw around a few stick baits, another exciting way to catch kingfish.

Prepare to have your arms stretched! Out on the water we'll take you through:

  • Tips for catching live bait
  • Where to find the fish
  • How to set up your boat to drift over the target spot
  • The fishing technique – using the gear, dropping the baits, hooking up, landing the fish.
  • Caring for your catch – how to handle and release, how to iki (kill) & store.

We cover off all the basics, so you can go out and catch your own kingfish. It's highly interactive and we encourage questions.

If want to customise the school for you and your mates just drop us a line 😉

Enrol now, just email 


How to catch kingfish - rig a live bait