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Welcome to - the online fishing school. It's our goal to hook you up, so if you're keen to learn the basics & expert tips for how to catch, prepare or cook fish - then fill your boots, then this website is for you!

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In the Learn Fishing section you'll find all the basics for "Bait Fishing" and "Catching Kingfish" from start to finish, step by step. Browse topics at your leisure or start right at the beginning with your Rod & Reel. At the end of each video or article you'll see the next one in the series (see the full list below). 

Plus there's other interesting info purely aimed at helping you take home a feed of fresh fish and enjoy a great day out on the water.

We're an ever expanding online library of "How To" fishing videos, articles and insights. Each month we'll be releasing new tutorials so be sure to sign up below for our 'updates'. 

With Prepare & Cook simply explore the basic cooking how to's and check out some of the great recipes shared by our food lovers.

Then don't muck about, start planning your next fishing adventure. Our Find a Charter section can help you with that. Find a trip that suits you and your budget.

Below is a list of Bait Fishing and Catching Kingfish tutorials, simply click on the link. - Daiwa fishing New Zealand

Fishing Gear

Start with the basic gear you'll need:

Rigging and Baiting

Two hook strayline, great with big baits.

Uni knots are the biz

On the water
Catching fish - the technique

Mandy Kupenga, host of Get Your Fish On loves catching snapper.

Catching Kingfish on Livebait

Here's the first videos of our Kingi School Online series.

Gear and setup
New video each month

Over the coming months we'll be releasing more tutorials with Tony Orton from Offshore Adventures on how to catch kingfish with live bait. We'll be covering three different ways to do this: deep dropping with a sliding ball sinker rig, surface ballooning and trolling live baits.

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sliding ball sinker rig, deep dropper live bait rig, deep dropping live baits

How to make the deep dropper live bait rig


Care for your catch

Care for your catch, here's how we roll...

So explore and enjoy your fishing journey with us.


Strayline fishing with bait, squid