How to cook beautiful crumbed fish fillets

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Fresh crumbed fish is one of those quintessential Kiwi food experiences. Crispy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside can be difficult to master but head of the North Shore International Academy hospitality school Tim Aspinall, has a few tips to share to cook your crumbed fish perfectly.

You can use pretty much any type of fish fillets to cook crumbed fish. Snapper, blue cod, kingfish, kahawai, trevally, tarakihi, john dory, hapuku all taste fantastic.

Let’s make crumbed fish!

How to make delicious crumbed fish fillets

Step 1: Prepare ingredients

Sift the flour into a medium bowl. Season it lightly with salt and pepper and mix together.

Put eggs and milk in a bowl, season and whisk together.

Place bread crumbs in a medium bowl and season these as well.




FA TIP: Seasoning each component individually will help draw out the flavour. Salt enhances and pepper seals the flavour.

Step 2: Prepare the fish

Gently pat the fish fillets dry with paper towels to remove excess moisture.


Pat the excess moisture off the fillets.

Step 3: Coat the fish

First coat the fish fillet in flour.  Coat it nice and evenly and gently pat down the flour onto the flesh of the fillet.

Give it a bit of a shake off then dip it into the egg/milk mixture.

Take the fillet (still in the egg wash) to the crumbs and place fillet in and coat evenly, patting down the crumb on to the fillets.

Patting the bread crumbs on to the fish will protect it from the hot heat of the pan.



How to make delicious crumbed fish fillets

Cover the fish with the crumbs and pat them down.

Step 4: Pan temperature

Put the element on a MEDIUM heat and place pan on. Put the oil in first, then the butter.

The oil will prevent the butter burning. Rotate the pan to mix them together.

When they start to bubble and brown slightly on the outside it’s time to add the fish fillet(s).


How to make delicious crumbed fish fillets

As butter starts to brown, it's time to add the fish.

Step 5: Cook the fillet(s)

Place your fish in the pan laying it down away from you. If you put it in too early the fish will absorb the butter and become soggy.

Keep the pan moving, rotating it will help the heat distribute evenly, cooking the fish more evenly.

You’ll notice the fish starting to brown on the outside. After approx 1 - 1.5 minutes check to see if it’s turning golden- brown. When it is turn it over. Turn it away from you so it doesn’t splash hot oil at you.

Keep moving the pan to keep in control of the heat.



How to make delicious crumbed fish fillets

Check the underside after a minute. Lookin' good!

Step 6: Finish it off

After another minute check to see if the second side is browning. When it’s nice and golden take it out of the pan and place on a draining tray or a plate with paper towels to get rid of excess oil and butter.

The real test is when you break it open. A little bit of steam should escape and the flakes of flesh should be nice and moist.

And there you have beautifully crispy moist fish fillets and a tasty dinner.


Beautiful crumbed fish - yummo.

Serve with lemon slices and a fresh salad.

That's scrumdiddlyumptious!


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