Meet Our “Advisors”

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Meet Our “Advisors”

Our "advisors" are a crew of Kiwi's who share a passion for the ocean and sharing what they've learned through experience. We aim to foster our precious tradition of gathering fish from our oceans, doing so with respect and care for our natural world. Here's a bit more about us...

Over the past 10 years Tony has fished, chartered, guided and managed private gamefish boats at some of the best locations in the world.  Now settled back in God Zone, he and wife Bea are raising a family, enjoying the Kiwi lifestyle in Mangawhai and taking people out fishing for amazing experiences (locally & overseas) with Offshore Adventures. He has many great fishing stories and accomplishments to his name, but the most enjoyable aspect of fishing for Tony is sharing his knowledge and hospitality with guests and hooking them up with a dream fish! Click for more...

Tony Orton - Fishing Advisor

Just another day offshore for Tony with his giant trevally!

56-year-old writer, author and broadcaster John Eichelsheim lives on Auckland’s North Shore with his wife Megan and daughter Mila. John has spent the last 25 years fishing around Aotearoa and the world, writing books, articles, reviews and editing the many popular fishing and boating publications in New Zealand. On top of this he hosts a fishing radio show and guides fishing trips to Aitutaki, Rarotonga and was a competitor on the TV show "Match Fishing League" Click for more...

john eichelsheim

John in the Cook Islands with a barracuda on one of his Sport Fish Adventures.

Mandy Kupenga

TV Host, LegaSea Advocate

I created Fishing Advisor as a friendly place keen fishos can go to learn more about how to catch, prepare and cook seafood and treat our oceans with care and respect.

As host of the TV series Get Your Fish On and through my travels with LegaSea I've had the great good fortune to fish and dine with some amazing fishers and foodies around New Zealand. With Fishing Advisor I've teamed up with some of them to share some of their ‘know how’ with, well... everyone! Why not, eh? That's what I thought!

Beautiful 16 pound snapper on a whole pilly.

Head of the NSIA, North Shore International Academy hospitality school, world renown as a margarine sculptor and keen fisherman, Tim Aspinall has a passion for living life to the fullest. He'll give anything a go and enjoys every experience including his career as a professional educator.

Tim Aspinall - NSIA

Tim's excited about what's coming up for dinner.

Bea has fished around the world with her husband Tony Orton and cooked up a storm in the process. Passionate about creating delicious meals with the seafood they've gathered and fresh local ingredients, many of her wonderful recipes are influenced by the exotic places they've lived and fished in over the last 10 years.

Although she'd be too humble to admit it, Bea's also a amazing fisherwoman who has caught some incredible fish over the years, and you should see her leader a marlin and handle a big king! See more of Beas delicious recipes, click here.

Bea Bagnall - Offshore Adventures

Not only is Bea a great cook, she's also a fantastic fisher.