Tony Orton – Offshore Adventures

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Tony Orton - Fishing Advisor

Tony Orton – Offshore Adventures

My name is Tony Orton and I have a problem. I am an obsessed fisherman who cannot get enough of being on the water, fishing and travelling to amazing destinations to catch trophy fish.

My problem started early, featuring in some of my earliest childhood memories. Fishing for me is all about time on the water with great people; the hunt, satisfaction of a plan coming together and the chance to travel the world to explore and fish.

Fishing is not just about putting fresh fish on the table for my family, it’s also a full-time job as a fishing guide, photographer, a contributor to New Zealand’s largest fishing magazine. It’s a way of supporting my family and achieving my passions and goals in life.

Tony Orton will take you on the fishing adventure of a lifetime!

Tony Orton will take you on the fishing adventure of a lifetime!

Passionate about sustainable fishing

I am very passionate about sustainable fishing and good practices. I want to ensure my children’s children enjoy healthy fish stocks and that New Zealand has a great sport fishing tourism industry resource today and well into the future.

My fishing charter business, Offshore Adventures, based in Mangawhai, Northland, is all about these common goals: sustainable sport fishing, travel and adventure with respect for our environment.

Tony and his wife Bea have fished around the world.


Tony & his wife Bea have fished around the world.

The Greatest Feeling...

Over the years I have achieved satisfaction and many personal goals through fishing, including winning international fishing tournaments, being placed third in the IGFA Offshore World Champs and catching some great trophy fish.

The greatest feeling, however, always comes from putting family, friends and guests onto fish that they may only have dreamed of.

Fishing Advisor for me is a great way to pass on what I have learned in many years of travelling and fishing the world as a professional sport fisherman. I feel truly blessed to have such a great job where people turn up to have fun and learn each day and also fortunate to have met the people I have through the greater international fishing family.


3rd place offshore world champs

Bringing People Together


Fishing Advisor is about bringing people together for the same common goal: to catch fish, but to respect what we have and not over-exploit it. That way our kids will have the same opportunities we had.

What I hope people get from Fishing Advisor is not only more fishing success, but the ability to take a step back and actually work out why they caught a fish. I hope it will allow them to replace a certain amount of luck with skill and then pass on this skill and respect to their children.

All the best!


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